On this  part of our page  we created an absolutly  unique genre, you can't find this on the whole internet, only here! At  the present we have 29 (midi)+4 (corel) pieces. 20-30 or 4-5 minutes per each. Some of them with lovely animations.

To the Midi-Shows

Midi-Show, this means that you can continuously listen to more music (8-12 sounds), all of them with background picture/some animation, and also -if we know- you can find the copyright information, title etc. Naturally you can move between the clips forward or back: click the small arrow items on the left top side on all sites.

At present in our pages we have altogether
26 Midi-Shows
20-30 min each, here you can find all of our shows with a short description.

Click to the title, and the show will immediately start.

If you want to enjoy these shows without Internet (off-line), you can easily download it. Choose the Download button, the procedure starts immediately - all shows are about 2-300 Kb, this means about 5-10 min downloading time. After this, on your computer the file will self-unpack the show and save to the C:/SaSo/MS/ folder, you can find it here. On the first time the show will  run automatically after the installation.

Paris – French Classical Music

And Paris again – chansons

Britney Spears  - Britney's songs

Children's piece different type of music

Winter – easy listening classical

Room full of Roses – nostalgia

Animal parade – various type of music, mainly kid

Recipes from fruit – different type of music

Ritmo latino – latin music

Dogs – pop-rock, etc..

Corel Shows

Corel-Show, this means that we premade the complete show, generally one piece of music with animated 10-20 background pictures in one theme. The change between the pictures and the moving of the pictures is synchronised with the music. The time of one show is  about 5 min. Because the Internet is too slow, this shows you need to download and after you can look at this on your own computer.

At present in our pages we have altogether
4 Corel-Shows
3-5 min each, here you can find all of our shows with short descript

Click to the title, and the download will start. After you download the selfpacking file, your computer will save this to the C:/SaSo/Corel/ folder where later you can find, but the first time the show  runs automatically.

These shows we made with "Corel Presentations 8".

Budapest Show for Kid

Swan Lake show